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4 Things to Know Before Partnering with a Marketing Agency


At Obviouslee, we live the outdoor and active lifestyle our brand partners represent, and we have fun doing it! As active supporters of the outdoor industry, we share deep connections with leading outdoor brands, athletes, creatives, and industry partners. These connections support strong relationships with our friends like Jones Snowboards, Ruffwear, Bajío Sunglasses, and more, allowing us to surpass their goals and reach new milestones.

For the brands and entrepreneurs in the room: how do you know if you are ready to work with a marketing agency? Check out these four things to consider before partnering with a marketing agency provided by our Head of Outdoor Marketing, Logan Waddell.

1. Bandwidth

Working with an agency partner is not a “set it and forget it” type of relationship. We stay in regular communication with our clients (often with time-sensitive opportunities!), so having someone on your internal team that can serve as a point of contact and has the bandwidth to serve that role effectively, is essential.

2. Budget

An agency partnership is a strategic investment. When you figure in fees for agency services, paid ad spend, ambassador/athlete partnerships, etc., the cost adds up quickly. The good news? A solid agency will produce a return on investment that far exceeds the cost of your marketing budget.

3. You're All In

A strong marketing plan is based on a comprehensive approach — you can’t rely on just one marketing channel to move the needle for your brand. It takes an integrated marketing strategy with numerous touchpoints for consumers to make a purchase, so pulling all the marketing levers (PR, digital advertising, social media, influencer marketing, etc.) will get you a higher ROI, faster.

4. Ability to Scale

Brands should be prepared to meet the consumer demand for their products/services following a successful campaign, otherwise, they could miss out on sales, take a PR hit, and lose the trust of their customers. Brands should also be ready to scale their campaigns according to how successful they are.

Partnering with a marketing agency is a critical step in growth for many brands. If you’re looking to scale your outdoor brand, let’s connect and explore what’s possible!