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Act in Solidarity 2021 Plan


2021 Act in Solidarity Plan

We commit to continue to not just stand in solidarity, but act in solidarity alongside our fellow citizens working for equality. As a marketing company we have the capability to amplify voices, and we recognize that there is still more work to be done. Starting on June 30, 2020, we put an action plan in place to promise to become a proactively anti-racist organization. We are not just going to talk about it, we are going to be about it.

In 2021 and moving forward, we are expanding our DEI initiative to be fully inclusive of people of any race, age, origin, socio-economic status, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability. We will be a part of conversations and movements to dismantle racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia and ableism.

We know the work will not be done until there is equality and systemic change. It will take time. It will take working together. It will take open minds. It will take open hearts. 

We will diversify. We will amplify. We will act.

The following are the measurable goals and initiatives that we are striving to achieve in the second year of our efforts. In 2021, we will focus our attention on, and hold ourselves accountable to, the following actionable items:


  • At the end of 2020, 30% of our team represented our identified diversity set. By the end of 2021, our goal is to maintain or increase this percentage.

  • Partner with a diversity, equity and inclusion consultant to give input and feedback on this plan, as well as on how Obviouslee can be more inclusive as an organization.


  • Continue to increase the diversity in our partner network. Our goal is to have 15% of total partners be representative of underrepresented groups (as defined by race, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability).

  • For each project we work on we will identify how inclusion, equality and diversity can be a part of the conversation and the work.


  • Work with a high school to put in place a paid apprenticeship each year for a minority student.

  • Participate in two industry webinars and open discussions on how agencies can make diversity, inclusion and equity a part of their core values and recruitment practices.


  • Mindfully be inclusive when inviting individuals to speak to our team during our weekly OMorning meetings. For 2021, at least 35% of our total speakers should be in our identified diversity set.

  • Identify minority owned businesses and ensure we are shifting a portion of our budget to those businesses in 2021. Commit to spending 25% of our M&E budget with minority-owned businesses.

  • Choose one company owned and run by a person of color and support it through marketing efforts to amplify its causes.

This is an ever-evolving plan. We will continue to better identify the places that we can make an impact and the areas internally that we need to continue to improve. We will publicly report our our efforts annually.