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Earth Day 2022: Brands that Give Back


We’re proud to work with partners who prioritize sustainability and giving back to the environment through their business practices. Whether it's RuffWear’s creativity in reimagining surplus fabric from discontinued gear to provide a new outlook on life as the centerpiece for the latest release, or our friends at Noble Oak Whiskey where every bottle plants a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted, we get to celebrate Earth Day all year long.


With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, surplus fabric from discontinued gear gets a new outlook on life as the centerpiece for our latest small batch of gear. Inspired by the rocks and ripples that make up our favorite water feature to come across with our dogs, it’s only available in limited quantities, so once they’re gone, they’re dog-gone!


TSL champions eco-design principles, considering the impact that every stage in their products’ life cycle will have on the environment. From the very beginning stage of product design, TSL seeks to optimize its environmental performance by minimizing impact wherever possible, focusing on the consumption of materials, transport, usage, and recycling.

  • All TSL sites are run on 100% renewable electricity.

  • TSL pays particular attention to ensuring that our product packaging has a useful function and is not simply thrown away. For example, the snowshoe bags have been designed for storing and carrying the product when not in use.

  • TSL stocks a full range of interchangeable parts to provide a repair service throughout a product’s life.


Bajio is a purpose-driven brand. Bajio is focused on sustainability and building a company that makes as minimal as possible on our oceans.  To that end, their frames are made of plant-based material.  They are carbon neutral from inception. And their packaging is made from biodegradable materials, like cactus leather, recycled paper, and plyboo. Their focus is on the shallows, which are the saltwater flats, marshes, and other low-lying areas that are the nurseries for fish. They are the future, and we want to protect their future. HUCK PERFORMANCE BUCKET

The HUCK Performance Bucket is made of an impact modified material called SpryTech™ that dramatically outperforms the cheap and brittle material used in all the other disposable 5-gallon buckets on the market. In fact, it's almost impossible to break a HUCK Bucket, and this means you won’t be finding HUCK buckets filling landfills. HUCK uses premium compounds in its non-skid feet and side handles to offer the user the control and traction they never get from a disposable five gallon bucket. Last but not least, we are the only 5 gallon bucket in the world that is made with the quality of materials they use and 100% built in the USA.  


Noble Oak is an award-winning whiskey brand with a noble heart; every bottle plants a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted. With a mission to revitalize earth by planting trees, build communities, and of course enjoy whiskey,  Noble Oak has created elegantly balanced and bold whiskeys that are double oak matured – first aging in Charred New American White Oak barrels followed by a unique WoodCraft® finishing that delivers an unrivaled body and flavor.

Noble Oak has committed to planting 418,000 trees to date via their partnership with One Tree Planted. 245,000 trees are in the ground while an additional 173,000 are planned for planting projects over the course of the next year. To learn more about Noble Oak and how each purchase supports a planting project please visit this interactive map


Recover Brands is a sustainable apparel leader in North America with products that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. From producing premium garments from start to finish all in one facility to where and how the product is locally manufactured, Recover Brands’ renewable sourced collections deliver an innovative solution to a better tomorrow. Each product is listed at an affordable price point that's backed by sustainability. Recover aims to educate and inspire those around one another through their apparel to live and work for a sustainable tomorrow. 


The high-quality, durable clothing Swiss brand for kids was born in 2016 after Founder, Franz Bittman, became a parent and found that his children were in desperate need of quality, functional, and sustainable clothing, regardless of the weather.  With a belief that children develop best when they get the chance to be outdoors as much as possible, namuk supplies the clothes that allow them to do exactly that in every season and any type of weather. 

All of namuk’s offerings have been thoughtfully developed by their creative team with kids in mind to include innovative designs like hidden pacifier holders, reflective seams, multiple name tags for passing down and so much more. The best part is they have a priority on sourcing sustainable premium materials - over 70% recycled!


As a member of the Responsible Packaging Movement, Hillsound is dedicated to reducing their plastic usage and increasing the use of non-virgin forest fibers in all product packaging. Sustainability is one of the brand’s core company values and remains a vital consideration during the design process - namely the product packaging design. Hillsound strives to make packaging useful, reusable, or - at the very least - recyclable for the consumer. They continually work with supply chain partners to further minimize the company’s environmental footprint and reduce waste within the supply chain.


Hydro Flask is inherently committed to reducing single-use plastics and containers through it’s reusable products along with initiatives such as the ongoing #RefillForGood campaign. Striving to reduce their environmental footprint is at the core of who Hydro Flask is and the brand bases its efforts around three pillars of sustainability– social, community and environmental–and the team works across departments to make progress in each area. Here’s a quick snapshot:

  • Social: In addition to their Supplier Code of Conduct, Hydro Flask uses the Higg Index Facilities Social Labor Module to measure labor, health and safety performance and strengthen supply chain engagement, ensuring fair labor conditions down to individual factories.

  • Community: Hydro Flask’sParks For All( PFA) giving program is committed to public lands and greenspaces in a major way: over the past three years alone, PFA has given over $1.5 million to nearly 100 nonprofit organizations dedicated to building, maintaining, restoring and providing better access to public lands globally. 

  • Environmental: From the start, Hydro Flask designed its product lineup to be reusable to help cut down on single-use plastics. The products are made to last (with a Lifetime Warranty) which further helps to eliminate wasteful material usage.