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Series: Badass Women in The Bighorns with KUIU


In our previous intro to Media Engagement, we talked all about how bold, in-person adventures and dynamic events can really up the ante on traditional marketing strategies - especially when it comes to cementing those key relationships with influential media and content creators.  

Think about the last time you rounded up the crew and headed out for a hike, caught a few waves, hit the slopes or just traded laughs around the campfire. There’s really no substitute for the genuine, real-life connection that happens when we venture into nature together - and that’s exactly what makes immersive brand experiences such a powerful marketing tool. 

Case in point, we recently journeyed into the remote wilderness of Bighorn National Forest on behalf of our friends at KUIU for an unforgettable media adventure at 8,300 feet.

KUIU is a brand already well-established in the Outdoor world for its advanced hunting gear and apparel; but for the long-awaited launch of its KUIU Women’s Collection - the brand’s very first lineup designed specifically for women - demonstrating the elite performance, durability and technical advancements was core to driving national media visibility and rallying engagement among female hunt + outdoor audiences.

What KUIU needed was a compelling, hands-on way to bring this story to life.

And to deliver it, Obviouslee’s (ahem, women-led) media engagement team set our sights on an immersive, three-day media retreat in the Wyoming wilderness - designed as the ultimate field test to showcase KUIU Women’s Collection against the full range of natural elements. 

For our basecamp, the 16-acre Spear-O Wigwam guest ranch delivered a jaw-dropping backdrop 5,000 feet below the highest Bighorn Mountain peaks and two miles north of the Cloud Peak Wilderness boundary (plus a slice of history, as the remote 1928 writing workshop of Ernest Hemingway). Surrounding alpine lakes, wildflower meadows and glaciated rock formations of the high country offered virtually unlimited opportunities to activate KUIU Women’s apparel and gear as they were meant to be experienced outdoors - from horseback trail rides to backcountry hikes and even snowy mountain conditions.

It’s easy to see why media jumped onboard, and the Obviouslee PR team quickly assembled our stellar group of 9 top-tier female writers representing target endemic and outdoor publications that included Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, Popular Mechanics, GearJunkie, Huntin’ Fool, Petersen’s Hunting, Backcountry Hunter, Wide Open Spaces, Game & Fish, American Hunter and more. 

The mountains of Wyoming more than delivered! From 80-degree weather to snow flurries, writers tested out their new apparel against the full range of conditions and gained first-hand insight into the versatility of each product while climbing steep granite crags and navigating river crossings on horseback. Alongside detailed product design briefings, the KUIU team also had ample opportunity to delve into larger brand initiatives and conservation projects that connected more personally with media participants.

The result? KUIU garnered glowing praise from female writers who applauded the brand’s inclusivity, depth of research + innovation, and demonstrated respect for female hunters with the debut of KUIU Women. Positive media coverage soon followed fromGearJunkie,Petersen’s Hunting, Wide Open Spaces and more in the works. 

Have a new product launch or big story to tell? Drop us a line and come venture out with the Obviouslee media engagement team!