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Series: Why Media Engagement Matters


Why Media Engagement Should Top Your 2023 PR Strategy

By Christie Moye, Director of Media Engagement

Selling outdoor, active lifestyle products and gear takes a village. From digital marketing and e-commerce to influencers, media relations and social media, you’ve probably got it all covered. But after two long years of email pitches, campaign messaging, Zoom calls and Google Meets, it might be time to revamp your strategy, add a new tactic to the mix and make an impact across the board. 

For content creators and writers, face-to-face experiences are more important now than ever. What we’ve found as the key to jumpstarting that interaction is to literally meet these influential audiences where they are, through real-life, immersive experiences that put your products and gear to the test. Get them in the hands and up close with the media advocates you want to be telling your story.

This is what we at Obviouslee affectionately call, Media Engagement. 

Our expert Media Engagement team curates dynamic events + authentic adventures on behalf of our clients – each designed to amplify national awareness while cementing meaningful relationships with editors, freelance writers and content creators on every level. 

That’s the long game. In the short term, Media Engagement works to turn around immediate results, too, like:

  • Generating key story ideas that lead to solid coverage

  • Showcasing new products in exciting, hands-on experiences

  • Personalizing your brand through real-life connection

  • Rallying media allies who will keep you top of mind

Just how does it all happen? 

We’re not a rinse-and-repeat kind of operation. Media Engagement is all about inviting people into a real-life, genuine connection with your brand. We want writers to feel energized by their surroundings, inspired by your story, and come away buzzing with new insights + excitement about what you’ve got going on. That level of stoke is impossible not to share. And that, my friend, is the whole point.  

Stay tuned! As part of this ongoing series, we'll lay out some rad case studies of hands-on brand activations and once-in-a-lifetime trips that translated to key placements across top-tier press and social channels. Think: bike-packing the legendary White Rim Trail, paddling an Outrigger canoe off the Hawaiian coast, reeling in 300 Redfish along Charleston's tidal waterways. We'll also walk through a few smaller-scale experiences that made big-time impressions, proving that brand creativity + authenticity is at the heart of Media Engagement.

Can’t wait to hear more? Talk to us! We’d love to team up + dream up a tailor-made approach to maximize your 2023’ media strategy with true-to-the-brand experiences that appeal to the writers and audiences you want to reach most.

Check out one media engagement experience that our team planned with Hydro Flask.

Photos courtesy of ust