Really Good Marketing & Design

Email Marketing Matters


Whether you’re just starting to get your email marketing off the ground or are looking to reassess your strategy, here are four components to creating a successful marketing email for your brand.

Set a Goal

First and foremost, every email should have a defined goal. What that goal is will determine how it’s designed, the content, and your measurement of success. Goals can be based on click-through-rates (CTR), form fills to capture email addresses or customer information, or promotion code redemptions. Whatever the goal is for your email, make it a measurable metric.

Design with Purpose 

Designing an email isn’t just about the visuals and the gifs (we love a good gif, here’s a favorite), but about the overall structure. Think about the goal you've set for your email and then design the email to drive people to take the action you’re trying to accomplish. Some rules of thumb when it comes to designing a marketing email are:

  • Accessibility - your email content and layout should be easy to understand and to interact with

  • Engaging - include visuals and content that your audience wants to read and interact with. Uncluttered and uncomplicated designs and layouts can help, as well as fun graphics and animation

  • Consistency - Your email should be consistent with your overall brand and any structure you’ve put into place. By creating consistent experiences via your email campaign your customers can quickly and easily digest your content

Provide Value

Whether you’re trying to announce a new product, drive sales, or provide fun content to engage your audience, make sure that your content provides value to those reading it. Customers that have opted into your email list are there because they want to hear from you. Content should educate or be interactive, entertain or inspire - whatever route you choose, think about who is reading the email and what it is about your brand or product that you want them to engage with. Remember: content doesn’t always have to be sales oriented.

Have a Great Subject Line

You can craft the best email ever, but if no one opens it, does it matter? Your subject line is just as important as your email content. A/B testing subject lines is a great way to dial-in on what strategy works to increase your open rate with each send. A couple of tactics to try in your subject lines to help increase your open rates are:

  • Include an emoji

  • Start the subject line with first word capitalization

  • Start the subject line with a number